Ceramiche Seby


Ceramiche Seby

 Pottery's Concept Store


A mark of Creativity.

A brand Made in Sicily.



As the working is artisanal, the originality and the quality of the product prevails over quantity and seriality, making it almost unique every single product.

On request every item can be personalized with decorations and paintings that depict corporate brands, texts, drawings and landscapes, starting from a simple sketch or photograph.

After the preliminary study and when the "sketch" meets expectations, it starts the real processing of the workpiece. This is molded and manipulated for a long time with loving care and infinite patience, before becoming the finished product.

Thus was born the unique piece that you can not find elsewhere, and that you want, just ask us and describe it that wise hands will accomplish for you!

To purchase an object Seby means to choose and recognize the Quality , love the Made in Italy , tap the Craftsmanship.

The Ceramics Seby are the modern evolution of the Workshop Seby.

The company, founded in 2006 to over 10 years of producing objects of ceramic raw and decorated strictly by hand.

The items are made according to the traditional techniques , to the lathe , hand-free , with the casting technique and semi-finished products artisan for particular forms . Subjected to a slow natural drying, the time of which varies on a seasonal basis , the articles are then baked in ovens dedicated to high temperatures.

Once cooked and cooled , the piece will be glazed and hand decorated with various techniques , designs , characters, and customizations if required and finally signed with the mark Seby testimony to the genuineness and authenticity of the product.

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Ceramics Seby

A Brand of Creativity.

A Brand Made in Sicily.

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