Ceramiche Seby

Italian craftsmanship
Handmade decorations

Here you will find a wide range of objects and solutions for the home that will offer to your tastes and your imagination the right way to best decorate the spaces in which you live.

Vases, candlesticks, centerpieces, glass objects and entire lines of objects for every room in your home.

Each proposed item can also be customized on request, so you can fulfill your wish!

Home Decor

Seby Favors are objects that talk about you.


Each wedding favor is made together with the customer, the choice of the subject, its colors, fabrics, ribbons and fabrics ... The dexterity and the experience of the artist blend with your feeling so that every project can best satisfy you and be as always Unique.



In this section you will find wall lamps, chandeliers and table lamps.

Each object can be recreated in series so as to have more articles also of different types coordinated with each other.




Discover the original bijouteria made, processed and decorated by hand.

Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in ceramic paintings with original patterns and for all tastes!




Think of a colorful table, think about how to amaze your guests, think of a happy meal with the characters preferred by the children ...

If you thought yesterday, now you can!

Table Furniture



Have fun decorating your bathroom, give yourself a totally personalized and unique environment.

Bathroom accessories, tiles and mirrors, drawer knobs and ... all you want ...

Bathroom Furniture



Christmas 2018

Decorations for tree, table decorations or the environment in which you live.

At Christmas the house has a new light and it does not take much to make it more beautiful and welcoming.

Impress everyone and be amazed, it's Christmas!

Temporary Shop

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Ceramiche Seby 

A Brand of Creativity.

A Made in Sicily Brand.

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